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Carton Communities

Are you serious about making your city a greener one? Do you want your residents to live and work in a more sustainable community?

You may think that recycling is “taken care of” in your area but is your local program performing as well as it could be? The fact is, the more items you allow your residents to recycle, the more successful your program will be.

Enter the carton. More and more food and beverages are appearing in these packages and while more than 40% of U.S. households have access to carton recycling, there are still many communities who do not. The Carton Council is working hard to change that.

Cartons (those shelf-stable or refrigerated packages that commonly hold food and beverage items like milk and broth) are made from high-quality fiber. There are end markets for these materials, and a growing list of mills in North America that want the material to make other products like tissue.

Other benefits: Are you worried about reducing the amount of materials that end up in your landfill? Do you have a Zero Waste goal? If so, adding cartons is a crucial next step, and it’s easy.

Resources are available: The Carton Council is here to help. We are ready and willing to:

  • Collaborate with your local department of Public Works or Solid Waste to find efficient solutions for adding cartons to your recycling program.
  • Provide education tools, and where appropriate, provide support to help educate your residents and grow the amount of cartons collected.
  • Promote your leadership as a best practice towards increasing diversion to landfills and supporting Zero Waste.
  • Add your community to our national online zip code locator (located at used by consumers to find out about carton recycling around the country.

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