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Formed in 2009, the Carton Council is an industry organization committed to growing carton recycling in the U.S. By promoting both recycling technology and local collection programs, as well as growing awareness that cartons are recyclable, we work to limit the number of cartons that become waste. We've had significant success in just over a decade by helping to bring carton recycling to the majority of households across the United States.

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The Carton Council is born! With it, the major producers of carton packaging across the world— ELOPAK, SIG Combibloc, Evergreen Packaging and Tetra Pak— come together with a commitment to increase access to and awareness of carton recycling in North America. Within a year, Carton Council began to implement its plan.

2008: About 18% of households (that’s one in five!) can now recycle their cartons.


The Paper Stock Industry (the trade group overseeing recycled paper materials) recognizes the value of cartons as a source of material for the recycling industry by granting them a new grade. By endorsing that carton recycling is feasible, the PSI incentivizes even more recycling centers across the nation to include cartons.

Source: Value Grade 52

2011: Carton recycling access grows by leaps and bounds, reaching a whopping 33%!


Years of hard work from the Carton Council in collaboration with governments, sorting facilities, and recyclers mean that now more than half of all U.S. households have access to carton recycling – that’s a 217% increase in less than a decade!

Source: 2015 Review

2015: 57% (67.1 million) of U.S. households now have access to carton recycling.


Carton Council celebrates 10 years of progress! Education efforts with our partners have helped grow the curbside recycling rate of cartons to about 18%, a 200% increase from just 6% in 2009.

2019: Nearly 61% (71 million) of households in the U.S. now have access to carton recycling across 49 states.


Together we can ensure that cartons no longer end up in landfills and are instead recycled into new products. Carton Council continues working to bring carton recycling to all communities. Explore the map to find out whether you can recycle cartons in your community.

If your community doesn't have access to carton recycling, click here to sign our petition and learn how to mail your cartons to be recycled.

The Carton Council is a nonprofit organization formed by leading carton manufacturers.



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