YES! Food and beverage cartons are recyclable!
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Community Education Award

The 2023 Carton Council Community Education Award (CEA) is designed to incentivize increased resident education surrounding carton recycling, with the primary goal to improve carton recycling information inclusion on community websites and ensuring cartons are consistently included in community education efforts. Up to 25 communities can sign up to participate from across the country and will be awarded $2,000 after demonstrating their work in educating residents about recycling, with special attention to food and beverage carton recycling.

Webinar Series

  • Award Requirements and Website Best Practices: The first webinar covers the award requirements and timing, as well as website best practices for promoting food and beverage carton recycling, a mandatory requirement for the grant program. 

Who is eligible?

    • Any entity or organization that is authorized to educate residents about their local recycling program. This includes community or country recycling departments and solid waste authorities, haulers, or even materials recovery facilities (MRFs).
    • Food and beverage cartons must be accepted in the local recycling program.
    • State Recycling Organizations (SROs) are not eligible to participate, but still play an important role in helping to make their constituent communities aware of the opportunity.

    Additional Information: